True story, Emma went fishing with a family and friends by her local library. The older kids that went had been fishing with their expensive lours and fancy gear with help from their parents and had no luck. All this time little 4-year-old Emma was playing on the playground, running around in the grass, and generally ignoring all the fishing. As the fish wrapped up with not a single fish pulled from the pond that was when Emma decided that she wanted a turn. With a little pink toy pole that her dad found on the dollar rack at Target, she plunked down her first cart about 3 feet off the shore. About 0 seconds later she yanked out a fish. It happened so fast that the people watching didn’t understand what had happened. She had put her sandwich cheese on the bobber, without a hook, she pulled out a largemouth bass. Then all the other kids had to try her bait, and they still had no luck. So Emma tried it again. She cast out about 5 feet and wham, another fish hit it hard. She took a little step backward and she had another fish onshore flapping around. The secret was that she was casting right where all the old people that feed the duck usually stand. The fish would take a bite of anything you threw in right there. But we didn’t know that at the time, she was like a fishing God to us.